What we do

We perfectly know the market demands. We understand the essential importance of responding to these demands in a fast, reliable way, exceeding the expectations. Through personal contact, we provide customized solutions according the each customer’s demand.

Our range of action covers any commercial operation with the Chinese market. Our satisfaction is to make the customer feel that engaging on a commercial operation in China is simple and easy.

With this goal, we systematically apply engineering to supply, sales and purchase processes, based on the acquired knowledge and experience of a market with such particular characteristics. We provide customized services for every type and size of company or individual.

When you are buying a product, the key to success is to understand that the price is no only the FOB or CIF quotation – which, according to our experience, we can improve – but also includes the cost of capital, depending on the lead times, rejection percentage, loss of image with your customers if the product is no in concordance with the promised, and finally a management cost if you wish to personally take care of the operation, measured in the cost of the plane tickets, hotel, and dedicated time which could be used for other more productive tasks.

Research and development of suppliers

According to customer’s requirements, we research the market, find possible suppliers, check them, ask for quotations and samples. Finally, after analyzing all the information, we elaborate a list of the best options to offer the customer.

Based on this, working together with the customer, we select the option which provides the best combination of cost and quality according to the requirements.

Suppliers assessment

Shop floor auditing, evaluation of production conditions, quality and environmental requirements, working conditions, etc.

We directly contact the potential suppliers in order to avoid every possible risk.

Purchasing Management

Contract’s conditions negotiation (quantity, price, purchasing conditions, delivery date, etc.) according to customer’s requirements.

Order tracking to ensure compliance with the agreed terms, such as delivery deadlines, quality requirements, etc.

We also offer services after the first purchase, such as improvement in contract’s conditions, order management plan, modifications to purchased products, etc.

Management and monitoring of required procurement and logistics documentation.


We coordinate your different purchase orders or samples requirements to unify deliveries achieving substantial reductions in shipping costs.

Quality control

We are proud to know that our customers are aware that we are one of the few companies in China who offer the quality control service done by Industrial Engineers specialized in the field, with the advantage of being able to communicate with the Chinese with their own language, avoiding any misunderstanding.

Assistance on visits to suppliers

We coordinate your visit to China. We offer to manage the meetings with different suppliers, factory visits, attendance to fairs, translation services, etc.

Your office in China

We manage your commercial representation office in China: renting the space, recruiting employees, market research for potential buyers or business opportunities for your product or service, etc.